LED's have come along in leaps and bounds the past few years. We have been following the trend and we stay a head of many of our competitors. We use direct contact to the factories that make LED products so everything we do can be customised to suit our clients needs. We do not use cheap knock-off LED chips. We stay with the worlds leaders such as CREE.

By using the best Chips you get the brightest lamps with the least power. Known brands such as Phillips or Osram are not better than CREE. For instance, a 10 Watt LED from Phillips produces about 500 Lumens. The same lamp producing 500 Lumens using CREE would be 4 Watts. That is already a 6 Watt saving and the lamp would be about the same price.

Anything from house hold lamp fittings to swimming pools can be LED based.

There are actually no disadvantages for LED's in Light output, Intensity, Colour and efficiency. You can choose the colour you want, how intense you want the lamp and also the angle beam as well as if you want the lights dimmable or not.

Any inquiry in how to reduce your electrical bill, your Air conditioning usage as well as lamps that can last more than 10 years, please just contact us.