What We Do

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Phuket UK Electricians is a company formed because of the lack of high quality electrical work available in Thailand and especially Phuket.

Our skilled engineers are trained to a UK Standard so you can be assured that the quality and workmanship is high.

Once we visit your home, we will make your house safe so you don't have to worry about any electrical problems and be scared after you read about electrics in Thailand.

We also do an Energy Saving service, where we go through what Electrics are in your house and we analise the data we collect and we can save you a substantial amount of money by doing certain things. 

LED's are one of our specialities. We can provide high quality LED's for all types of solutions lowering the cost to your in the long term. We do NOT use cheap copies that are easily picked up at any local DIY shop. We use custom made, specific LED's to suit what your needs are.