Electrical Safety

One of the prime reasons this company exists it to ensure safety for the home owner as well as all visitors or customers if it is a rental property. This is not just for houses, but we can offer solutions and checks for hotels as well. Due to the many problems facing the electrics here in Thailand there have been many casualties that can be avoided if proper grounding and safety equipment is installed in and around the property. Many westerners have died visiting Thailand, especially Phuket with bad wiring and lack of earth. Also using 220v mains near swimming pools has resulted in deaths and severe electrocution of tourists and long term stay expats.

All of this, is avoidable by doing tests on your existing system, we can locate and prevent any problems from happening in the future. If the building is still in the construction phase, it is possible for us to work with you and the construction company and come up with a safe and efficient system.

If electrics are made safe in any building the risk of electrocution is drastically reduced. Although accidents sometimes do happen, if the right safety equipment has been installed from the start the chances of a fatality are extremely rare.