Cost and Pricing

The cost and pricing of a job is the most crucial point for most people. We offer a fair price depending on the work that needs to be done.
For your needs please contact us.

The following is an example depending on how complicated the system is you want.

Earthing 10 metres from Main Distribution Box - 100% Solid Copper Rod 2 metres in length and using 16mm Cable - 3500 Baht

Upgrading 12V Transformers to run on Mains Voltage to prevent fires and lamps blowing constantly - 250 baht per lamp fixture

Safety Check on a 2 bedroom house with kitchen, living room and 2 bathrooms including a full report to problems and solutions needed - 5000 Baht

Checking Electrical Work is installed safely and according to plans on a new building - 2000 baht per visit